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We don’t extract, we harvest returns for our partners: investors, clients, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders in our business. We believe in win-win outcomes for all.

Hybrid merchant bank & capital sourcing business

We have set up the business to respond to the imperative that comes from the threat of climate change and the depletion of the world’s natural resources, marrying capital looking to enable a tenable future for the world.

Image by Alex Iby
Transformative investments

We develop and grow investment opportunities key  to support the transition to a low carbon economy:

  • Electrification & flexible energy systems  

  • Sustainable food production  

  • Carbon storage & development of the carbon market


Founded Dexion Capital plc. and developed it into a leading alternative investment company acquired by Fidante Partners in 2015.


International experience across alternatives with a focus on agriculture, including as CEO of Bydand Agricultural Partners, Investment Director at New Hope Group and UBS.

A leading multi-disciplinary team of business leaders, capital markets solutions and structuring expertise, with deep knowledge of alternative investments.


30 years’ finance experience, including as CEO of Dexion Capital, driving the growth and establishment of a leading boutique investment bank.


30 years’ financial sector experience in sales, research & portfolio management, with a particular expertise on uncorrelated investment strategies.


Aon Global CIO for insurance; prior to this CIO for Prudential Corporation Asia Insurance as well other senior investment related positions which include 22 years at Prudential plc in Asia, America and the UK. 


Over 30 years’ experience as a chartered accountant including 24years as a tax partner at KPMG from which he has recently retired. Currently an independent consultant advising a number of diverse businesses.

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